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Pillars | My Blogging Routine

by - April 04, 2017

I know some bloggers really like to have a routine whether posting once a day, once every other day or once a week! But for me, it’s more likely opposite. I just write whenever I am inspired to write anything because writing every day is pretty tough for me. It’s quite challenging to produce great content day after day and I feel like my brain is blowing or draining! Haha!Reading other blogs is one of the best ways that you may be inspired to write fresh content on your blog and I absolutely love blog hopping! As bloggers, we all do have different personalities, limits, and skills on how we exert our energy and to arrange our time. So don’t force yourself to do the same with someone’s blogging routine because it may never work with you as well.What’s important is that you’re comfortable with your blogging routine that you can stick over it as a long term and not that one that we leave you burnt out over the week or month. Also to have a life away from blogging because sometimes getting away from it helps us to be better at it!
WHAT I WORE: Top & Leggings: Forever21 | Chequered Long Sleeves: H&M | Watch: John Taylor Watch | Necklace: Thought blossoms | Shoes: Primadona| Bag: Louis Giorgio | NYC Cap: Thrifted

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